Tawfiq Canaan: An Autobiography

we are glad to announce that the annotated and edited autobiography of Tawfiq Canaan is now available worldwide. Canaan autobiography recounts a very rich life of one of Palestine’s leading 
ethnographers, medical doctor, public figure and one of the most productive intellectuals in the 
first half of the twentieth century. He recalls the socio-economic and political history of Palestine 
through the unique prism of his access to different strata in Palestinian society, something few 
others could replicate. Canaan’s autobiography spans a period of seven decades of Palestinian 
history from the late Ottoman to the early Jordanian period: a condensed history of the whole 
country of Palestine. Through his words, we live the history of a whole nation, we feel the 
tectonic shift that took place in Palestine as one empire replaced another, and as Jewish 
immigrants replaced the displaced Palestinians.