Episode 34: Theologian Mitri Raheb, author of Decolonizing Palestine

A conversation with theologian Mitri Raheb about current conditions in Palestine, Christian Zionism, Biblical interpretation, and more

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This is the 34th episode of Madang, in which I converse with Mitri Raheb about his his book, Decolonizing Palestine. Raheb is founder and president of Dar al-Kalima University in Bethlehem, Palestine. Raheb is the most widely published Palestinian theologian to date, including his Orbis books Faith in the Face of Empire and, with Suzanne Henderson, The Cross in Contexts: Suffering and Redemption in Palestine. He received the 2017 Tolerance Ring Award from the European Academy of Arts and Sciences, the 2015 Olof Palme Prize, the 2012 German Media Prize just to name a few. He holds a doctorate in theology from Philipps University, Germany, and an honorary doctorate from Concordia University, Chicago. >>Read More