On this episode we are joined by Dr. Mitri Raheb, Founder and President of Dar al-Kalima University in Bethlehem. The most widely published Palestinian theologian to date, Dr. Raheb is the author and editor of 50 books including: Decolonizing Palestine: The Land, The People, The Bible; In the Eye of the Storm: Middle Eastern Christians in an Age of Empire and Faith in the Face of Empire: The Bible through Palestinian Eyes—among many, many others.

Dr. Raheb was invited to speak with us from Bethlehem, because the world has watched the death toll of Palestinians in Gaza and the West Bank multiply. We have watched as the government of Israel has committed acts that three separate Palestinian human rights orgs and the United Nations have all called “genocide and incitement to commit genocide.” The world is praying for the return of the Israeli hostages taken by Hamas. We are praying for a ceasefire. And we are praying for the full freedom and flourishing of the Palestinian people to come. In that context, the Christian church stands poised to enter the season of Advent—a time when Christians remember the birth story of the brown, colonized Palestinian Jew from the West Bank, named Jesus. Dr. Mitri Raheb is with us today to bring us a word—from Bethlehem. >>Read More