Bright Stars of Bethlehem

About Bright Stars of Bethlehem
Dr. Raheb co-founded of Bright Stars of Bethlehem in 2004. Bright Stars of Bethlehem is a US-based 501(c)3 non-profit organization that promotes peace and justice in Palestine through Dar al-Kalima University of Arts & Culture and its initiatives for youth, families, and older adults, as well as public advocacy for basic human rights.
Bright Stars of Bethlehem is dedicated to educating the next generation of creative leaders in Palestine. Our key initiatives include:

Our Vision: for the people of Palestine to have life in abundance.

Our Mission: to raise awareness and support to educate creative leaders in Palestine.

We accomplish our mission by supporting the health, educational, cultural and spiritual development of people in Palestine through Dar al-Kalima University of Arts and Culture, Diyar Academy of Youth and the Ajyal Senior Center. Together, we help and empower college students, children and youth, young families and seniors.

Simply put… Hope is what we do!
Founded in 2004, Bright Stars of Bethlehem is a US 501(c)3 non-profit organization that provides funding and support to educational and cultural initiatives through Dar al-Kalima University of Arts and Culture, Diyar Academy for Youth, and Ajyal Senior Care Center. Bright Stars of Bethlehem is dedicated to supporting the educational, medical, professional, and spiritual development needs of people living in Palestine.

A Brief History

Bright Stars of Bethlehem is born out of the dream and vision of Rev. Dr. Mitri Raheb. In 1995, Rev. Raheb began an outreach ministry in Bethlehem, Palestine from the congregation he serves, Christmas Lutheran Church. As this ministry grew, it attracted the attention of several supporters in the United States, including Wheat Ridge Ministries.
In 2003, Gregg Smith, Rich Bimler and Rev. Raheb began to work to create an independent 501(c) 3 non-profit organization. Bright Stars of Bethlehem was incorporated on November 12, 2004 under the Illinois General Not for Profit Corporation Act “to support the health, education, cultural and spiritual development of the people of the Middle East in order to promote peace and harmony in the region.”
Today Bright Stars of Bethlehem has an ever-increasing network of supporters in the U.S. Together we impact the lives of over 60,000 men, women and children in Palestine. We are blessed to have just celebrated our 15th year anniversary!
Through the staff and volunteer leadership of Bright Stars of Bethlehem, we work together to provide support to the Palestinian people. We work with young and old alike to help grow hope in the midst of occupation.

Key Areas of Support
One of the key areas of support that Bright Stars of Bethlehem provides is through scholarships. Scholarships are available for the young and old alike. Your support helps underwrite the costs for our four areas of ministry and outreach.
Bright Stars also supports the new construction and renovation of much needed program facilities to house the various ministry programs in Palestine.

Telling the Story
About Us PicOne of the best ways to learn about the work of Bright Stars is to visit the Holy Land. Each year, Bright Stars of Bethlehem sponsors various trips to Palestine and throughout the Holy Land. Additionally, many friends of Bright Stars sponsor trips. To learn more about this exciting travel opportunity and experiencing hope in the Middle East firsthand, check out our upcoming trips.